Snow and Ice Removal
The Blue Heron HOA pays for the removal of snow from the sidewalks in the neighborhood when snow accumulation has reached 4 inches.  Several recent snowfalls have not reached the threshold of 4 inches, and the HOA has not ordered Summit to remove the snow.  There are several areas of sidewalk where homeowners have not shoveled in front of their homes. The weather has also been fairly cold, below freezing.  If there is any melting, it has frozen over again by morning.  The result has been that there are now several hazardous spots with glare ice, creating a skating rink effect.  Please consider putting down salt or sand on the remaining ice if you have this situation on your sidewalk.
We are a neighborhood where a good number of residents are out walking.  The Board has received complaints regarding the condition of the sidewalks.  Please, when there is snow, try to clear the snow and ice as soon as is reasonably possible.  The City of Lafayette requires that your sidewalk be cleared within 24 hours.  You are responsible for making sure that your property is safe for others.